Anthony Geraci is a beast on all levels and may well be the finest keyboardist in roots music today.” - Mike O'Cull

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Anthony Geraci wins the 2023 Blues Music Award for Instrumentalist-Piano/Pinetop Perkins Piano Award from the Blues Foundation in Memphis, TN. Anthony Geraci’s Seventeen Blues Music Awards nominations reflects four decades of musical excellence both in studio and onstage. Anthony won the Award in 2021 too. His band The Boston Blues All-Stars were nominated for Band of the Year in 2019, 2021 and 2023.

Ronnie Earl shared this praise: "Anthony has been contributing to this music for many years, and his new album illuminates the many colors, shades, and styles of the blues. Anthony is very inspiring, and I love his dedication to the old masters like Otis Spann, Sunnyland Slim, and Big Maceo Merriweather.” “Anthony Geraci is a beast on all levels and may well be the finest keyboardist in roots music today.” Mike O’Cull-Rock & Blues Muse.

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Pianist, Hammond organist and composer Anthony Geraci was born in New Haven, CT in 1954. His interest in playing piano began at age four when he told his parents “I want a piano!”  Kind of an odd request when most kids want a new baseball glove or bicycle. His parents weren’t musical-not even a record player at their house- but they always supported his undeniable passion for music. They soon bought a Kimball Grand Piano that his mother paid $4 a week to own. Lessons at the Neighborhood School of Music, affiliated with Yale University, soon followed. At around the age of sixteen he befriended a fellow musician, Ed Cherry, at high school. They began listening to music together after school and one day Ed played a Jimmy Rogers recording, Chicago Bound, that literally changed his life. Ed went on to be Dizzy Gillespie’s guitarist for many years.  

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