It's great to hear Geraci and his companions doing what they do best. Outstanding performances and a warm feeling of musical comradery make "Blues Called My Name" a joy from start to finish.”

— John Kleinman, Living Blues Magazine

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“It took Massachusetts-based Anthony Geraci 15 nominations before he finally captured the Pinetop Perkins Piano Award as instrumentalist of the year at the 2021 BMAs, but one listen to this all-original, star-studded follow-up to Daydreams in Blue, which topped the charts a year, and you’ll wonder why it’s taken so long." - Marty Gunther, Chicago Blues Guide

“Geraci’s last few albums have all been nominated for various blues awards. If I were a betting man, I’d place a few bucks on Blues Called My Name receiving similar recognition. It’s a pretty essential purchase for anyone who likes modern blues expertly played by choice musicians steeped in the history of the genre.”  - Rhys Williams, Blues Blast Magazine.

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Pianist, Hammond organist and composer Anthony Geraci was born in New Haven, CT in 1954. His interest in playing piano began at age four when he told his parents “I want a piano!”  Kind of an odd request when most kids want a new baseball glove or bicycle. His parents weren’t musical-not even a record player at their house- but they always supported his undeniable passion for music. They soon bought a Kimball Grand Piano that his mother paid $4 a week to own. Lessons at the Neighborhood School of Music, affiliated with Yale University, soon followed. At around the age of sixteen he befriended a fellow musician, Ed Cherry, at high school. They began listening to music together after school and one day Ed played a Jimmy Rogers recording, Chicago Bound, that literally changed his life. Ed went on to be Dizzy Gillespie’s guitarist for many years.  

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